Introducing The Register for iPhone and iPad

The Register on iPad Pro

With more than 5 million readers, The Register is one of the world’s biggest online tech publications.

Today we’re thrilled to launched the long-awaited update to The Register’s iPhone app, rethinking, redesigning and rewriting their app to match the quality of their content. The app is the best way to read The Register, readers are going to love it. Articles are synced seamlessly for offline reading; finally you can get your El Reg fix during the patchy morning commute!

It’s not the internet without opinions, so we added The Register’s much loved commenting. Point out why you’re right and everybody’s wrong, all within the app. The previous app was limited to the iPhone, but no more! We’ve got iPad and iPhone 5 support so you can explore and read articles on all your iOS devices.

Like to fiddle? You can now customise your reading experience; tweak your fonts or switch on dark mode for some night-time reading. So what are you waiting for? Get it now:

 Available on the App Store

Thanks to Phil, Murray, Matt & Drew over at The Reg.

Props to the developer, Ocasta Studios, for making the app work and look so much better than our last effort.
The Register’s iPhone app gets a makeover