Got an Android Phone? Get Yourself a Drink

Beer Finder App With a Beer

Starting today Android devices (new and old) can guide their user through the welcoming doors of a Harveys pub.

With nearly 50 of their own pubs and hundreds of pubs serving Harveys, finding your nearest pint shouldn’t be hard, and now your phone makes that even easier.

Stuck in a pub waiting for a friend? We’ve all been there, just take a moment to browse the Beers area of the app to impress them with your new tasting knowledge of cask ales. It’ll work offline too, so if you’re in the middle of the Sussex Downs, rest assured, that refreshing drink is just over the next hill.

Having launched just this morning, feedback has already been great, with one user rightfully placing the Harveys Beer Finder app proudly on their Android home screen.

So, the long bank holiday weekend is ahead of us, go find yourself a Harveys pint (or two).

Get it on Google Play

Got an iPhone? Don’t worry.