Do you be-Leaf in drink after drink?

It’s coming up to Christmas, which generally means more eating, socialising, parties and, for a lot of people… the inevitable increased drinking.

Action for Change, an alcohol awareness charity, wanted to help you take control of your relationship with alcohol in a discreet and supportive way. Today, we’ve helped them launch our latest product, Leaf, your discreet drink tracker for the iPhone.

Now, there’s already plenty of apps out there to help you get healthy and cut down your drinking, but Leaf is different and built upon Action for Change’s core belief of keeping you in control.

Unlike other apps, Leaf doesn’t need an account or any personal information to start tracking. In fact, by design we keep all of your data on your device. As soon as you open the app for the first time you’re just two taps away from entering your first drink. Leaf is preloaded with plenty common drinks, but you can quickly add your favourite tipple too. Being able to quickly enter and view your drinks is important to ensuring you keep using Leaf and highlighting interesting patterns in your drinking.

Leaf keeps you in control, through discrete tips and advice so that you can decide whether you want to make a change. Leaf offers timely suggestions, such as sitting out of the next round, swapping that pint for a shandy or going to get something to eat.It's the weekend, take it easy!

Leaf learns when you might drink the most and subtly reminds you to take it easy. It’ll never make a sound or bother you – and you can easily control your notifications to help you the most.

When it’s a new day you see a quick summary of your month, then you can decide if a drink today is really worth it. With one tap you can log your day as alcohol free, then view your weekly or monthly trends of your drinking, drink-free and untracked days. Forgotten to log your drinks? You can easy go back and add last night’s or let Leaf know you had none.

Leaf makes it easy to add your drink with two taps – it’s down to you if you think you should have another.

By tracking your drinking and trying the monthly challenges, Leaf will help you begin making positive steps towards a healthier relationship with alcohol. Why not try it out tonight?

Download Leaf on the App Store

Available for iOS, including the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

p.s. even if you’re not worried about the odd drink or two – give it a go – this week Leaf has already helped us avoid a couple of after work drinks, now all we need is one for coffee…