Want to Borrow Cars With Your iPhone? Join the Club!

easyCar Club iPhone App Developed by Ocasta Studios

Technology empowers the sharing economy. You now stream music through services such as Spotify or Rdio instead of collecting dusty CDs. You stay in someone’s house for a weekend with Airbnb in just a few taps. You hunt for the perfect designer dress on the Rentez-Vous website and borrow it just for that special night.

There’s a strong economic shift towards access over ownership.

Now, thanks to easyCar Club you can earn money back from your car by lending it out when you’re not using it or gain access to a range of local vehicles without the costs of owning your own. With cars typically spending 95% of their lives parked, easyCar Club puts them to good use.

At the beginning of the year easyCar Club expanded their service nationwide to allow sharing and lending of vehicles between its members. Today we’re launching easyCar Club’s iPhone app – the social way to hire – straight from your mobile.

How Does easyCar Club Work?

easyCar Club is the brainchild of Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou (easyJet founder) and PROfounders Capital, backed by Brent Hoberman (lastminute.com founder). It’s the UK’s only peer-to-peer car rental service, helping owners make money by renting out their cars, and drivers save money through cheaper, more convenient local car hire.

After each booking, the driver and owner can leave each other feedback to build up their reputation and trust within the club.

Want to Drive Your Neighbour’s Car?

To book a vehicle you just need to sign up for free to easyCar and pass a couple of checks to verify you’ve got an acceptable drivers licence and driving history. Once you’re a member simply choose the car you want to hire for the dates you want, book and pay for the car in the app, then collect the keys at the allotted time (either from the owner themselves or a secure Key Safe).

White Home SearchAn easyCar Club member’s vehicle is closer than you may think! The nearest car to our central Brighton studio is just an 8 minute walk away and available for £25 for a 24 hour booking.

With the iPhone app you can use all of your easyCar Club driver benefits from your mobile;

  • Find cars near you using your current location and book in just a few taps.
  • Message owners to answer any questions you might have.
  • Get instant access to your booking requests to stay in control of your plans and see when an Owner accepts your request.
  • Take photos of the car before, during and after any rental to document the car’s condition, and send them directly to easyCar Club.
  • Send a location to an owner, such as to tell them where you parked their car.

If you sign up before the end of July and make a booking before the end of August, you’ll get a discount code to save £20 off your first rental of a newly listed vehicle, or £10 off any established car in the club.

Got a Car? Like Extra Cash?

Download the app now to find out how much you could earn with your car – some owners earn more than £3,500 per year for each car listed, and on average they’re earning £1,800 per year (that’s a purse bursting £150 per month).

easyCar Club collect the cash for each rental and pay it straight into your account, they insure the car when it’s not driven by you and they protect your no claims bonus. It’s free to join so try it out and make some extra money.

How Much Can I Earn?Once you’ve joined the club you’ll be able to use the app to;

  • Quickly reply to questions asked by potential renters and secure more bookings.
  • Add and manage your car straight from the app.
  • Snap some photos of your car on a sunny day so you stand out in search results.
  • Update your car info and profile to encourage drivers to book with you.
  • Instantly approve or reject any booking requests.
  • Find your parked car by getting the exact location sent to you from your renters.
  • Manage your vehicle’s availability; you can mark it as unavailable for the weekend when you’re planning a trip away in an Airbnb.

To sweeten the deal easyCar Club are currently offering a Free MOT to new members alongside free RAC membership. So you’ll be well in front before you even get your first booking!

Watch The Video

Here’s a video with a guitar (not a ukulele) that shows how simple and safe easyCar Club is for you to share or borrow a car.

You can instantly search or learn how much you can earn without an account – so get the app and join the club now!

and a quick thanks to Scott, Vivey, Richard, all the team at easyCar Club and Simon of Addictive Mobile.