Codebar: Increasing Diversity in Tech by Teaching Code

Brighton codebar 2015 Sponsored by Ocasta

Earlier this week we sponsored codebar at the Brighton Fusebox. Codebar is great; they’re helping make the tech world more diverse and welcoming to underrepresented groups through teaching code and web development. It’s open to anyone who feels underrepresented in the tech industry – and free to attend.

It’s has three important components, the eager students, the wonderful mentors and …the short-lived PIZZA.

To help get the code flowing we embraced the bar part of codebar and had a great choice of beers from the Wild Beer co, along with some fizzy pop, cider and wine.

Wild Beer Company Drinks Sponsored by Ocasta

Four Ocastars were on hand as mentors, teaching HTML, CSS, and Ruby. For two of us it was our first time, and we’ll definitely be back!

Like most digital companies we should and could be doing a lot more to improve the diversity in the team. We’re small, willing to adapt and always learning – so please let us know if you’ve suggestions on how we can improve.

We’re expanding the team at Ocasta, with a few jobs and internships available; for producers, developers and designers. Everyone gets a training budget, which can be used towards things beyond their job description. We’re happy to let the less-technical team members improve their coding skills to better understand the things they’re involved with everyday. Likewise developers can learn skills they’re interested beyond coding.

Anybody we hire from codebar, or from a codebar recommendation as a thank you we’ll sponsor another codebar evening (although we had such fun and will be sponsoring again regardless – count these as extras). Exclusively for the evening to view the positions we have just go to;
for our latest internships, full-time and freelance positions

p.s. our favourite takeaway and for CSS fans, was Tendai’s impromptu discussion about the CSS box model;

and the interesting beers were well received;