Whoah! You’re Un-Beer-Lievable!


Last week we quietly relaunched the Harveys Brewery website. Founded in 1790, Harveys is the oldest independent brewery in Sussex. It is still owned and run by the descendants of founder John Harvey.

Harveys wanted us to create something engaging and playful, to greet their customers upon entering the site. In a workshop it was suggested an animation would fulfil this criteria and we went about creating mood boards and visual reference, to get an idea of what was right. Once we had our style agreed, we went to town (literally), in creating a Harveys style landscape. The brewery, horse and dray, and other trademark Harveys locations, were captured within a beautiful rolling East Sussex landscape.

Particularly enjoyable to create, as always, were the little details… notice the Harveys dog, Barney, perched on the back of the horse and dray, the beer bottles in the shop window and the Harvey & Sons sign, which teases you into the pub. Little details like these really encapsulate the unique Harveys character and add so much to the look and feel of the site.

Get Dizzy

Harveys wanted to make their consumers aware that the shop in Lewes high street sells a lot more than just polypins of beer! We suggested applying a Google 360 Tour of the shop, to offer anyone in the world a tour on tap.

Harveys Shop Tour VR Edition!

This great photographic technique really gives you a feel for the premises and is a great way of showing off the fantastic range of treats available. A big shout out to Ross Gumbrell for putting this together with the Harveys Shop team.

Take a look around here – https://www.harveys.org.uk/pubs/harveys-brewery-shop/

VR Harveys Tour

You can really get inside the shop.

Harveys Everywhere

Order your next polypin of Best, whilst drinking a pint of Best in your local. Harveys website and shop is now available everywhere. Finally #meta-drinking.

IMG_6241 copy

Responsive design and fluid layouts keep the Harveys website looking and tasting good, no matter what device you spill it on.

Check This Out

Keep it simple… Sound advice! But we go one better by keeping the store simple and snappy. Fill up your basket and checkout in just a few taps. We simplified the internal side too, creating packing slips and Fedex labels to get orders out to customers smoothly.

Lost Patron in Ale Three

Harveys have a lot to talk about. With over 200 years of history, their beer being available in over 400 pubs, and a hundred products available, it can be hard finding what you’re after.

Together with Harveys we established what was relevant and important to their customers and refined the navigation. Using custom Harveys icons for the primary navigation and an easily accessibly secondary menu – simpler, cleaner and faster to find what you want!

We’re really proud of this one – So go do all your Christmas shopping over at https://harveys.org.uk

Great work from team Ocasta: Jason, Giulia, Sean and Will! Cheers to Marie, Adam and Bob over at the brewery ?