Five minutes with Megan

app project manager

Megan joined us earlier this month as our newest Project Manager, we caught up with her to find out everything from her love of Japanese rice, fear of snakes and obsession with running. 

My favourite TV show is: Call the Midwife (or any other period drama, I am a big fan).

On a Friday night: I like catching up with friends over a nice glass of wine 🍷 we usually like to try different pubs or different restaurants. Last week I went to Ole Ole a Spanish tapas restaurant down the lanes which I loved, I tried the green spicy peppers, garlic prawns and Patatas bravas which were all delicious.

I spend most of my evenings: Cooking or running. After sitting at my desk all day at work I get very fidgety, I like to go on 3 long runs in the week usually 5 or 10k and one short one at the weekend.

I also love cooking, I like to improvise some of my best dishes are fennel lasagne or a white fish dish with tomato and garlic which I cook for a household of 6!

If I had to eat one meal for the rest of my life it would be: Japanese rice with sesame seeds on, or just some kind of delicious topping.

Cats or dogs? Cats, I have a bit of a fear of dogs from when I was younger.

My biggest fear is: Snakes is a definite one 🐍 but also sharp edges on paper because it makes me think about paper cuts, oh and polystyrene.

The best thing about Ocasta is: The people, everyone is really friendly which is lovely, it makes a big difference when going to work.

My secret talent is: I am currently training to be a Silversmith, I have always been crafty and enjoy knitting, textiles and painting. I’ve taken over my parents summer house to practise my silver making skills. Have a look at my Instagram @meganjaynejewellery.

On my bucket list still yet to complete is: Buy a camper van, I would like to go all round Iceland and do the golden circle route. I also want to climb Ben Nevis this year, and do a road trip around America at some point in my life.

My exciting moment: Or actually exciting time, is when I spent a month in Japan, I started off in Tokyo, then went to Mount Fuji, Kyoto and Nara. I saw the snow monkeys, cherry blossoms and hot springs. I love how clean everything is there, the culture is so different and everything works like clockwork.