Apple Search Ads hit the UK – so what’s the big fuss?

Last week saw the launch of Apple Search Ads in the UK, alongside Australia and New Zealand. So what’s better about it and why should you rush to advertise there?

Great news for small businesses ✊

Advertising isn’t just for the large corps, here are two reasons why;

  1. With Apple Search Ads having just been released they give unchartered waters, therefore bids are marginally lower as there is less competition. So move fast as this is the best time to launch a campaign with extremely low cost-per-install and cost-per-tap rates. According to mobile analytics company Singular, the average cost per install is just $1.31 compared to a $5.84 average on social media platforms.
  2. But what makes conversion rates even better (50% according to Apple) is because Apple are placing higher importance on relevance of ads as opposed to the amount of the bid, this all boils down to their passion for user experience. So if your ad isn’t relevant to the audience and is then never clicked, you can expect your ad to disappear no matter how much you paid. So think wisely about your app’s metadata before your campaign launch, because Apple’s Search Match feature uses this information to display your app to your most likely audience.

Apple apps

More insight 👍

Along with the launch of Apple Search Ads comes new data, this eliminates guess marketing which never yields the best results. You now have access to keywords which users have searched before reaching your app; this means you can gain insight to which users you could be attracting.

The words which every mobile marketer has been waiting to hear “keyword popularity”, Apple are now providing this to make sure you are optimising your campaign to generate the most traffic you possibly can.

But it isn’t all sunshine and unicorns 🦄

The one major difference between this and Google AdWords is that you do not have the freedom to tailor your ads. Everyone shares the same ad format as they’re created from your meta-data so choose wisely before launching your campaign.

Getting started with App Store ads 

Apple apps

Head over to the Search Ads portal to sign up with the Apple ID you use to managed your iTunes Connect account – Search Ads Portal. Apple are currently offering $100 to trial it – give it a whirl and let us know how you get along!