David’s bit on the side

App development

Ever thought that innocent Thai restaurant looks like the ideal lunch spot to get your noodle fix, but your friend is not so sure about the state of the pan used to fry your Pad Thai.

David’s new app should I eat there takes out all the guess-work, it all began at a friend’s house when they were sipping piña coladas out of coconuts. Mid-conversation, David’s friend said “did you know you can look up food hygiene ratings for everywhere in the country”. David thought it would be cool if there was an app where you could type in a place to eat and the app would instantly show you the hygiene rating.

So obviously he made it, and it only took him a couple of evenings.

Behind the scenes it’s using Vue.js as the web framework and Amazon for the hosting. We’ve not tried Vue.js at Ocasta and David’s not used Amazon here either so he thought it could feed into our work in the future.

The hardest part about making it was getting it online, the infrastructure was challenging as he doesn’t do DevOps at the moment; it’s a learning progress.

Try it out the next time you’re pondering the cleanliness of where you eat – http://shouldieatthere.co.uk

David's app


David’s next big venture is Eventaroo, himself and two friends are in the midst of creating an event ticketing system similar to Eventbrite. The app is a simple ticketing platform where organisers can create events and sell tickets. Scale is the biggest challenge, it needs to hold up under pressure to be able to handle the demand of large events.

His friends had worked on it for eight months and then contacted him to help. Everything’s now ready to go – it’s just a case of bringing it into action. They haven’t set concrete dates, but feel like they are very close!

Plans for it are to include data analytics so that organisers can assess the popularity of their events and help plan future ones, so watch this space… 👀