Five minutes with Joe


This week we grilled our longest standing Ocastar – Joe the Android Master who gave us a very cultural insight into his life, although he worries it makes him sound like a pretentious…

Do you prefer Saturdays or Sundays and why? Both have their merits, but I think I would go with Sundays because they have a laid back vibe. I would have more of a lie in, have a good breakfast of a homemade smoothie, cereal and toast 🍞 I think it’s a social day, we usually go to family or they come to us and then we watch TV in the evenings usually Country File.

What is your pet hate? I don’t like being in the middle on sofas or airplanes because it feels like you don’t have your own space, you’re just using left over space from the people on the end.

Where’s the best place you’ve been on holiday? Australia, we spent a month on my brother in law’s sheep farm in rural Australia it was a big culture shock it was about 4 or 5 hours from Perth. It was different from anywhere else I have been, huge kangaroos would hop past the farm-house in the evening.

If you had a year off from work what would you do? Painting and sculpting art 👨‍🎨 I do a bit of acrylic paintings and drawings (see below), and have done stone sculptures in the past. But if there were no logistics of moving my family I would actually spend the year in Italy and study art, and spend lots of time in the galleries in Florence.

Do you collect anything? Dust… I read a lot of books I like really good novels, factual books about art, science, philosophy, history or maths.

How would your friends describe you? Away with the fairies, because I’m quite often zoning out, having a random moment or lost in thought.

What are you doing for the Easter weekend? Spending time with the family and visiting my granny, she’s 103.

Tea or coffee?  Tea, I do drink coffee but I either drink far too much or not at all, once I had over 20 cups in a day ☕️

What is your favourite film? Jean de Florette it is an old French film about human vanity, among other things. My most recent favourite film is Ex Machina about exploring ideas of artificial intelligence.

The best thing about working at Ocasta is: David’s puns, the chairs are really good, and the atmosphere is always very upbeat and happy.

What is your best vegan dish? Just a regular stir fry, onions, leeks, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots and garlic.

I don’t do… Football, I tried to like it for a long time, went to matches, watched them at the pub, ‘supported’ Liverpool because that was the team which got the best response when people asked who I supported. But I just couldn’t enjoy it which is a shame ☹️