Grab a pizza this 360° Codebar video

Codebar is a great workshop designed for anyone who wants to learn or develop new tech skills. With a vision in mind; to build diversity in the tech sector 💪  Held weekly in both Brighton and London, it’s free and enables underrepresented tech enthusiasts to learn in a supportive and friendly environment. Students are paired up with a mentor to work through Codebar’s courses or any of their own projects.

A couple of week’s ago we teamed up with The Skiff, they provided the (massive!) space and of course all of that hard work builds a big appetite, so we provided the stack of pizzas 🍕 fizzy pop, beers 🍻 and gin 🍸 It was a great opportunity to try out our 360° camera before the hard work kicked off:

You might not get the full experience in some browsers – if you’re on mobile, watch this in the YouTube app to pan around or use with a VR headset!

Like what you see? The Codebar team are always keen to welcome new people to their safe space for learning – find out more.