Five minutes with Jason

Jason tells us what is sure to make his eyes roll, why he would love to go to Jerusalem and what poo coloured beverage he used to enjoy in his younger years. He would quite like to try out dairy farming for the week and explains why he gave up on his childhood dream of being a postman. 

Are there any weird food combinations you really enjoy? There aren’t any actually, I’m quite traditional in terms of the food that I eat. When I was younger I used to mix orange juice with cola, it went a horrible poo colour 💩 but it was still delicious. My wife Katie likes weird food combinations and has sold me on peanut butter and Marmite.

Which film can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of? Any of my top three which are: Terminator two, Bad Boys II, and Flash Gordon, but mostly Flash Gordon because it’s so bad it’s good. It is based on a comic, it’s about a college football player that ends up on various alien planets and has to save the earth 👽 It has a Queen soundtrack, but the soundtrack is all out-of-place and the acting is terrible, Brian Blessed also stars in it and he is amazing.

What do you like most about working at Ocasta? The flexible hours are good but that doesn’t give me as much joy as making (Chemex/V60) filter coffee at work ☕️ I enjoy the slow ceremony that comes with making coffee.

Where are some unusual places you have been? A few years ago I went to some remote places in North Africa to visit Christian charity workers. We travelled for a week or so and went to some remote villages where they rarely get outsiders. I stayed in Croatia in an obscure industrial town for a month to stay with some Brazilian and Finnish street dance missionaries 🕺💃🏼 I was there to do video and photography with them, they were practising to put on a show in a local theatre, we then drove from Croatia to Berlin to also put the show on there. The drive took long enough to make you insane 😵

What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it? The servers are down on the very rare occasion that happens, and it is my turn to do my five minutes with 🙄

Is there anything you really resent paying for? Not really I don’t think 🤔 it is frustrating when you have a bus ticket and the services on the bus aren’t working or are just rubbish. I find it odd that you have to pay for a TV license to watch non-BBC channels live but I don’t actually pay for one as I don’t watch live TV 🙅‍♂️📺 I mainly watch Netflix, at the moment I am watching Designated Survivor and the new Star Trek Discovery.

If someone narrated your life who would you want to be the narrator? Ex-cricket commentator Henry Blofeld, he’s retired now, he has such brilliant….I don’t have the right words, he would. He has a great way with words and a fantastic voice, he would be good at narrating even the boring parts of life-like brushing your teeth 😴

What’s the funniest joke you know by heart? I’m more of a situation pun comedy kind of person, so no memorised jokes I’m afraid, which I know is probably necessary as I am a father.

Which film character would be the most fun to change places with for a week? Well could be fun to be like the people from the films I mentioned earlier, it probably wouldn’t be that good to be an American football player saving earth on alien planets 🌏 I did watch a documentary about a dairy farmer in Sussex and thought it would be quite interesting to be one for the week 🐄

What did you think was cool when you were younger but not so much now?  I wanted to be a postman, I thought it was cool because you got to ride your bike all the time and wear shorts. I’ve realised now that being a postman is not the coolest of jobs, whereas being a software developer is clearly the cool of the cool.

If you could have an all-expenses-paid trip to see any world-famous monument which monument would you choose to see?  It would be good to go to Jeruselum and see where Jesus walked around. I’ve been to Rome, which was a similar kind of thing, I saw where Apostle Paul would have done certain things.

If animals could talk which animal would be the most annoying? Seagulls, they are bad enough as it is without actually giving them words. I used to get woken up by them every morning when I was a student, they’re just very loud.