Que sera sera… Albert’s going to Wembley!

Virgin Media’s Albert is a man of many talents; not only does he have his own catapult castle, laboratory, whack-a-mole and quiz show; he loves a penalty shootout so is particularly excited about this weekend.

Saturday is a big day for many with the Arsenal v Chelsea FA Cup Final 🏆 and Albert is getting into the spirit of things. His multiple choice question game lets players have their own penalty shootout, so they can join in the football fun even if they are on the shop floor this Saturday.

Power to the employees 

Virgin media are big on employee experience, every quarter they hold the Big Get Together for a chance to announce company updates, sales figures and hold award ceremonies. Last Christmas our director Ben and designer Sean attended, but it wasn’t all fun and games for them…well actually it was, they were there to receive feedback on Albert and hold a workshop with all staff to produce a new game which was most appealing to them.


The workshop consisted of real life demos for the three gaming options. One of which included the penalty shootout 🥅 staff had to shoot the football into the goals every time they answered a question, being sure to hit the correct answer and beat the troll keeper. With the votes in, staff were keen on the penalty shootout option, so Greg and Sean got to work to create the football focused game using Unity (the multi-platform game engine).

employee engagement

Gaming goals ⚽️

Using gamification for learning is incredibly beneficial for staff as it turns training into a fun task which they want to do. This is incredibly important in industries such as retail, as staff have so much knowledge to keep up on it is hard to keep up the pace and stay well-informed. But the benefits don’t end there we have summarised a few for you below:

  • More motivation – with a live leaderboard, prize incentives and interactive games, staff are more likely to want to play. This leads to more successful training because the level of time spent doing it dramatically increases and the competitive element keeps them going back for more.
  • No letting go When learning is fun, memory retention increases because learners actively participate more, so they are more likely to remember what they have learnt without even realising it.
  • It’s fun! – If we’re honest not many people look forward to the dreaded words ‘training session’ using games allows you to make training more engaging and interactive. It also means that learning happens daily as opposed to mass one-off sessions which can become boring and not very effective.