Will the real Ocastar please stand up🕺

Some Ocastars are choosing to ditch the chair and stand their way through the day, sometimes our legs just need a good long stretch. Here at Ocasta we will try anything if it means a better working environment. As if the freshly ground coffee machine ☕️, bagels 🍩, Fika Thursdays 🍰, top of the range chairs 💺, and flexi-time 🤸‍♀️ wasn’t enough. With our standing desks, it gives everyone the chance to give their legs some work as well as their brains, and as it stands there are some pretty good health benefits.

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We wanted to know if they will stand the test of time so we caught up with a few Ocastars to hear the benefits:

David says “I like them because I like the change of environment and it helps me think. I’m quite a pacer and like to walk around, talk and doodle when I’m working on things to keep me engaged, so standing desks are a good way of doing that whilst also remaining productive.”

Jason agrees “I have been standing for about a year now, I tend to pace when I need to think and it’s much easier to do that when standing. Sitting down all day isn’t good for your health, standing helps me stay fitter.”

No slouching here – It can improve posture and cut back pain, in fact Megan told us she has never worked anywhere with standing desks before. She always used to get a bad back, but she has noticed a real difference since standing up for a few hours per day “when I sit in a chair I don’t realise that I cross my legs so standing is better for my posture!”

Flexi-desk – At Ocasta we are big on ‘flexi’ (if you haven’t noticed!) and this doesn’t end with our time. It’s important that we don’t feel forced to sit at our desk all day and we are able to sit or stand. Joe agrees, he says “I like having the flexible aspect, when I’m beginning to slouch in my chair I can raise the desk and stand up. I feel better on the days where I do a lot of standing. So I guess it is a flexi desk.”

Our own creation

We designed all the desks ourselves so that we could add the standing components, and of course we factored in phone holders which we can slot into the top. Ed our director used his design skills to draw them up so that we could get them made especially for the Ocasta studio.

It was clearly getting all too much for Ben 👇

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                                                                                                      Why stop at desks, we designed our own shelves too 👆