Five minutes with David

David tells us about his hidden talents, why he moved to Brighton and never returned, and why you may find him living in the mountains of Tibet when he retires from his digital career. 

What is your best childhood memory? I remember when I was about six and we moved from Portsmouth to Havant, it was great, there was so much greenery 🌳 I loved being able to run around the fields, play on the rope swings and just generally be outdoors 🏃🏻 I lived there right up until 2011 when I moved to Brighton to go to university and never returned, I just love Brighton too much 💕

What do you like most about Brighton? Too many things, that’s why I’ve never left. The music scene here is great, there are tonnes of gig venues, the Great Escape Festival, BIMM the music college, and lots of people tour here. I’ve been to lots of cool shows, my favourite was seeing the Gallows at the Green Door Store. I love the food here, there are so many good restaurants, and of course the street food market on Queens road. Fatto a Mano pizza 🍕 is such a good pizza place in Hove, I highly recommend it.

Is there a talent you have which no one really knows about? I sing and play the guitar 🎸I used to be in a rock band in college but now I just play and sing acoustic stuff. I don’t really play gigs so I suppose not many people know. I am also a brown belt in Judo, I did it for about six years.

Where is the best place you have ever been to visit? It would be Estonia, I went to Tallinn last summer and stayed with a friend at her parent’s house. It is a small place so it has some tourist attractions but not loads, I went to see the old, abandoned prison there called Patarei. The house we stayed in also had a sauna with a beer fridge right next to it, there is nothing better than coming out of a hot sauna and drinking an ice-cold beer 🍻

Which fad do you wish would come back and which do you want to go forever? I’m not very cool and hip but a fad that confuses me is the tiny bags which loads of young kids have, why are they cool 🤔? A fad that I wish would go, is playing the same pop song over and over on the radio, I like catchy pop songs but when the pop sponge is constantly being squeezed it just becomes tiring 😴 A fad that I want to bring back would be 90s clothes, when I was younger I rocked MC Hammer trousers and lots of colourful jumpers.

What do you like most about working at Ocasta? I really like the company culture and flexibility, I like that we’re always embracing changes and improving the way we do things with schemes like flexible hours, being able to work from home and standing desks. I also really like cake 🍰 so I’d have to say Fika too.

If you could be in one TV show which would it be and why? It would be House, I was a huge fan of the show. It’s a medical drama with Hugh Laurie as the main doctor, I loved watching him solve mysteries, I would like to help him with those, I think I would be good at it, that’s why I do the job that I do.

Where would you most like to retire? The mountains of Tibet, it would be nice to go somewhere ridiculously remote. I want to write code and live in a digital world for a good portion of my life, so it would be good to leave Netflix, my phone, just everything and go live in the mountains.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done? I played Ghostbusters on the guitar with my band for a massive show at the Kings Theatre in Portsmouth, but that was more fun than crazy, no mental stories I’m afraid 👎

Which famous person would you like to be best friends with living or dead? Hmm, Bob Ross would be a great person to be friends with, he’s the guy from the TV show ‘The Joy of painting.’ He used to be in the US Air Force and spent most of his life shouting at people, when he left he did this painting show where he spoke really quietly and painted beautiful pictures.

What is your goal in life? Happiness and enlightenment, perhaps I just want to be Buddha 😆 I don’t have one single goal, but to just enjoy things, it’s all about the journey and embracing the bits in-between, not just the end goal. ‘Roll with it’ as they say.

If you could dedicate your life to solving one problem, which problem would this be? The problem of borders and separations, so many people, places and countries are divided and conflicted, it makes me wonder who invented countries and borders. When I went to Switzerland you can just walk across the border and it seems crazy that people fight over them when they’re just imaginary lines. I’m not saying I’m up to this challenge, by the way, it’s just nice when you see people integrating and learning about different cultures 🌍