Five minutes with Vanessa

Vanessa strecthing her arm with big smile on her face with macbook pro on her desk

Vanessa shares her love of photography and tells us why these 😆😍 are her emojis of choice. She tells us why she would visit Iceland again and what she’s thinking if you ever catch her daydreaming.  

What do you think of five minutes with? I think they are a good idea, I like them because you know more about the team before you start. It helps you understand what kind of spirit people are and guess what they will be like as a person.

What is your biggest fear? I’m scared of something bad happening to me, like being injured or getting really ill I always have dreams about it 😷 So more everyday things in my life, most people’s biggest fears are usually snakes 🐍 even though I am scared of them I rarely see them so they are not a massive fear for me.

Do you have any holidays planned this year? Not yet, there are many places I want to go, I have a list of 50 countries I want to go to before I die. The top three would be Banff in Canada, New Zealand, and Patagonia in Chile. 

What couldn’t you live without? Water…..? Well if you remove all necessity it would have to be my phone, camera and laptop. If one of them breaks I replace them immediately, if I don’t have my laptop then I can’t see my photos or post them. My phone is always in my pocket and I use it for anything I need 📱 if I ever need to check anything I just look on the internet, I look at the internet for everything, I find it really addictive. 

What hobbies do you have outside of work? Photographing, I used to play with my parent’s camera when I was a child and that’s when it all started. I bought my first DSLR six years ago and haven’t stopped using it since 📷 I love photos because if you take a photo the memory lasts forever, they are like a part of me. I like doing landscape photography of cities at night, I mainly do it when I travel ✈️ Iceland was the best place to take photos, it’s a country I could go to every year without being bored, every season is completely different. Winter in Iceland is like a winter wonderland but in the summer it’s greener with a longer sunset 🌅 

(Have a look at the rest of Vanessa’s photography on Flickr)

What is your favourite thing to do at the weekend? I love going to restaurants 🍽 I like classic French food with white wine sauce and crème fraîche 😋 In Brighton my favourite restaurant would be 64 degrees you can watch them cook, it’s lovely in there. There is another good restaurant called Semolina, it’s affordable and really tasty, I often go on my lunch.

What is the best tip that you give people? There is only one life so you need to make sure you live it well and make it the best it can be 👏 Is what you’re doing making you happy and is it what you should do? Obviously, don’t do anything impulsive like spending without thinking, but think for the future and how you can make your whole life better. 

What is your favourite emoji and why? The one I use most is the happy face 😆or the love face 😍 if I’m being professional I use this 😀 happy face instead. I like emojis, they put good emotions into messages and lift the mood. I always send happy messages, there is no point in being sad all the time I want to be optimistic, not pessimistic. 

What do you like most about working at Ocasta? The flexitime is great and the people are all really nice. The office is in an ideal location right in the centre of Brighton 👍 25 days holiday is good, that is a big thing for me as I like to travel a lot. 

Is there a fact about you that surprises people? My age, I used to look younger than what I actually am 👶 I can still put my feet behind my head and walk on my hands, I learnt to do that when I was four 😳 I also don’t have any piercings.  

Is there anything you keep wanting to do but have never done? I would like to go paragliding or fly in a helicopter, as I love landscape photography it would be lovely to see the world from above 🌏

What plays on your mind a lot? I think about photos I could take and I like keeping up to date with technology and having new ideas about things people haven’t invented yet 🤔 💡I would like to develop my ideas if I had the opportunity.