MakerClub opens first permanent workshop in Brighton

MakerClub, the creative-design after school programme announce their first permanent making and inventing workshop in Brighton! You can now find the ‘MakerClub’ Lab on New England Street where they will be teaching kids the skills to become master inventors.

With the workshops previously being held at Barclay’s Eagle Lab in Brighton, it is exciting to hear that the club now has a space which they can call their own! The workshop contains tools, 3D printers, laptops and craft materials for young people to learn advanced, creative technology and design skills in a safe and guided environment.

We have continued to sponsor the club’s scholarship programme called BrightSparks, which is designed to allow children aged 8-13 from lower-income families to take part in the after-school club. It teaches them how to use the latest technology and our contribution (along with other local digital businesses) has helped sponsor 35 local children to attend the space for 12 months.


Make sure you spread the word about the club that turns kids into inventors, ready to take on the world and remake it for the better.