Designed for organisations looking to improve their customer service, boost internal communications, or support HR and compliance. Oplift is created with the user in mind to improve employee engagement, simplify learning, and streamline operations.

At the tip of your fingers

If you have problems with

– Tracking and compliance of policies and procedures

– Keeping your staff engaged

– Ineffective internal communications

– Keeping your staff connected

– Keeping your staff informed from head office

– Too many paper documents

– Un-knowledgeable staff

– Lengthy assessment processes

– Consistency of operations within your business

– Efficiency of operations within your business

The suite of apps

The hub of your business

Everything your staff need in an instance, anytime, anywhere on their mobile devices. The platform gets your internal comms read, improves compliance with checklists, connects teams through more efficient communications, improves the consistency of operations and tasks across your business, and increases staff knowledge.

Management tool

Designed to easily assess people locations or things wherever you are. Collect insights and gather oversights for each area and person within your organisation.
Find trends and issues across your whole business.

Bespoke solutions

Designed specifically for your individual business needs - iPad POS systems, e-learning game apps, scanner apps and more. Enquire to find out how we can help you.

Getting started is easy

Download the Oplift products from the app store, we set them up for you then you can get started. We do enterprise deployments to ensure all of your staff have the right apps. Read our starter guide for tips and help when putting your own content in. The simple admin means you can change and edit the content with no training. All of our products are available on iOS, Android, web, personal, and corporate devices. They work together or stand alone.

With Oplift you get

- A more knowledgeable workforce

- Connected employees working better together

- Consistent service and operations across the whole of your business

- A fully compliant team

- Instant data and insights across your business

Don't just take our word for it

Oplift has been recognised for its achievements in the field of

Employee engagement at the 2017 Engage Awards

Employee training and customer service at the 2017 TJ Awards

Employee communications for the Ragan’s 2017 Employee Communications Awards

Innovation in retail at the 2016 Retail Systems Awards

  • Here to Help

    We’ve a proven record of improving compliance, including reducing the time it takes to do your checklists by 80%.

  • Staff Engagement

    Staff engagement can be evidenced through employee surveys which have shown that 65% of employees play our e-learning games in their own time and 97.5% like or love playing them.

  • See the Change

    Virgin Media saw an increase of 7.4% in their knowledge rating from customers in just three months! Along with a 2.2% average increase in sales month-over-month!