Work. Play. Together.

Meet the Ocastars!

We're a friendly and flexible bunch based 5 minutes from the beach in Brighton (just 50 minutes from Central London).

Happy team, happy customers

As the saying goes… and that is why we always encourage new ideas to make Ocasta a better place to work for everyone. To break barriers and produce award-winning work we’ve created an environment of low stress and high efficiency.

The magic formula so far

Flexi-time, freedom and ownership of work, 13:00 finish Fridays, conference and learning allowances, weekly fika (coffee and cake break), monthly one-to-ones, personal desk budgets, and standing desks. These are just some of the things we have introduced to make the Ocasta studios a pretty great place to get lots of top-notch work done. We want to see your face below! We’ll pay you some money and you’ll have fun along the way – get in touch!

Hayley Biggs

After graduating from Bournemouth University she began her career as a Twitter TV Analyst, now our Marketing Coordinator she communicates our story and success.

Ben Collier

Ben keeps the espresso machine stocked with freshly roasted beans whilst overseeing our projects and team.

Megan Cragg

When Megan is not projecting managing you can be sure she'll being doing something crafty, knitting, textiles or painting and she is even training to be a Silversmith.

Jason Fry

The server solver! Jason works on our server components and APIs but gets confused when people talk about JSON. He made a robot to announce our daily standups.

Sean Gannon

The digital designer not afraid to pick up pen and paper. Sean can either be found around the office sketching illustrations, or sat at his desk using Illustrator or Sketch to create icons and UI.

Howard Hardy

Howard is our 'active' Android Developer. He surfs the web and the waves! When he’s not helping us build apps, he Likes to cycle and is partial to the odd live music gig.

Martin Higham

All things server-side. Previously Martin worked for WiderWeb, Openwave and many, many more. He has over 20 years experience working with the Web.

Vanessa Lenormand

The only thing Vanessa loves as much as travel and landscape photography is the logic of programming, she fell in love with it during her diploma and did a three year Master’s degree in computing.

Steve Liddell

The creative director and chief tea drinker. Steve fiddles with pixels with one hand whilst dunking biscuits with the other.

Greg Marsh

The swift exit to iOS developer. Running away from a career as an accountant, Greg switched spreadsheets for Swift. True to his roots, Greg's code is lean and efficient (but not tax deductible).

Melanie Menard

Melanie guides our world of web - teaching us the best practice. With an MA in Digital Arts her creativity goes beyond the keyboard.

Ed Moore

Ed's been 'mobile' for some time, as the former CTO for the Carphone Warehouse Group plc and a Partner at Frontiers Capital.

Freyja Nash

After getting her degree and working in care for a while, Freyja discovered she had the ability to convert sugar and caffeine into code. Now she helps with our websites!

Will Oates

The persistent producer with a mouse. Will's smile guides us through each project, making even the trickiest problem enjoyable to solve.

Daniel van Berzon

Daniel helps Ocasta with all things web, having shifted from backend to frontend because that's where it's at. He likes to talk about code and readability.

Viktoria Webber

Our Swedish Project Manager loves fires but promises she’s not a pyromaniac, and enjoys the odd spot of camping when she feels like getting away for a few days.

Take a look inside

“This place has a great mix of clever, funny, and dedicated people who produce great work in a relaxed environment. ”

Viktoria - Project Manager

“I really like the company culture and flexibility, I like that we’re always embracing changes and improving the way we do things. ”

David - Android developer

“It’s pretty relaxed, so that makes it a nice environment. The chairs are great and flexi-time is really good! ”