A Cast of Giants on an Epic Quest

Electricomics began as a grant from the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts to explore digital comics. Launching with 32-page showcase, with four very different digital comics by Alan Moore, Peter Hogan, Garth Ennis, Leah Moore and John Reppion. Not only that, there is also the ability to collect more stories created with “The Generator” toolkit.

This is the beginning of a complete digital comics self-publishing ecosystem which lets you create, package, and publish your own Electricomics with the open source framework.

The Stories

Red Hose

Red Horse by the mighty Garth Ennis. A moving story from World War One, beautifully digitally painted by artist Frank Victoria, whose attention to detail brings every panel to life.


You can read Sway, by Leah Moore and John Reppion, a time travel Sci-Fi story with an interactive twist, drawn in all chronologies by the stunning talent that is Nicola Scott.

Second Sight

You can read Cabaret Amygdala Presents: Second Sight by Peter Hogan. A creepy little horror story in the EC tradition, which uses digital to let the reader build the picture and feel the creeping dread for themselves, drawn by Paul Davidson, who acknowledges your comfort zone, and then fills it full of horrible anyway.

Big Nemo

Last but not least, you can read Big Nemo by Alan Moore, whose rejuvenation of Winsor McCay’s most well-known comic character, stays true to the source, but brings Moore’s trademark depth and gravity to every panel. The art duties fell to Colleen Doran, whose mastery of the form shows in every line.

“The elegance and power of the interactive elements takes these stories to a new and exciting place. The revolution in graphic storytelling starts here. ”

Get Creative

The Generator

The Generator lets you create your own Electricomics! It's an open source toolkit that lets you combine your assets, layout your pages and control content delivery.

When complete, you can export your Electricomics and share for others to enjoy. Get your copy of the Generator here on GitHub