How can you become a ‘learning organisation’ with maximum ROI?

You want to be agile, innovative and highly competitive but you’re struggling to get there? Then perhaps it’s time you became a ‘learning organisation’, this is a concept created by Peter Senge, a systems scientist. The concept refers to businesses that continually transform themselves through consistent learning. The theory isn’t new, but companies are only just putting it into practice, and those that are, are seeing the affect on their bottom line.

So how can you become a ‘learning organisation’? Our very own Albert has reinvented how Virgin Media learn, and has helped them to become a learning organisation where learning is embedded into everything they do. In the podcast below, CIPD – the professional body for HR, chats to Dom Boon the Vice President at Liberty global, who transformed Virgin media’s L&D strategy.

He chats about Albert’s games, which are used throughout Virgin Media and the results are not to be sniffed at. So if you’re serious about learning and development, make sure that you give it a listen.