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Sean and his SP.O.T.S šŸŽ§

By this we mean Sean and his friend's very own podcast, and not him reaching for the Clearasil. SP.O.T.S is an abbreviation for Spines on the Shelves. The SP.O.T.S boys call themselves SP.O.TĀ 1, SP.O.T 2 and SP.O.T 3 as an homage to De La Souls very own Plug 1, Plug…

Five minutes with Tendai

Pork chops, rum, Iron Man and Jack Sparrow, Tendai our Software Engineer was full of surprises for his five minutes with. If I was on death row my last meal would be:Ā Pork chops with dijon sauce, mash potatoes and french beans with some kind of rum based cocktail. When are…

David’s bit on the side

Ever thought thatĀ innocent Thai restaurant looks like the ideal lunch spot to get your noodle fix, but your friend is not so sureĀ aboutĀ the state of the pan used to fry your Pad Thai. David's new app should I eat there takes out all the guess-work, it all began at aĀ friend's…