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Five minutes with Joe

This week we grilled our longest standing Ocastar - Joe the Android Master who gave us a very cultural insight into his life, although he worries it makes him sound like a pretentious... Do you prefer Saturdays or Sundays and why? Both have their merits, but I think I would go with…

Sum’more’ hours ☀️

I think we all agree that with spring here and summer just around the corner, we all want to make the most of the brighter evenings, with the office just minutes away from the sea front we'd be silly not to. David's lovely walk home At Ocasta we understand that…

Five minutes with Megan

Megan joined us earlier this month as our newest Project Manager, we caught up with her to find out everything from her love of Japanese rice, fear of snakes and obsession with running.  My favourite TV show is: Call the Midwife (or any other period drama, I am a big fan). On…