Ocasta help spark the next generation of inventors

The Ocastars were joined by Declan from MakerClub this week, the creative-design after school programme which teaches children how to use emerging technologies for new inventions! BrightSparks is the scholarship programme, designed to allow children aged  8-13 from lower-income families to take part in the impressive technological experience.

We are sponsoring a child to go to BrightSparks and were excited to hear more about the clubs and their thriving talent. As mentioned above the programme allows those children who would love to learn tech skills such as: video game design, website building and product design but cannot afford to attend the club. Through sponsors they can also give children long-term stability by building up a portfolio for them which they can take straight to an apprenticeship. 

It also enables the clubs to supply top of the range equipment which every inventor needs including: 3D printers, laser cutters, craft equipment, laptops and more. Along with tech mentorship from professionals who are already in the industry they are learning from the best of the best. The club encourages creative thinking so once the children are taught the skills they can go and make their own inventions whilst still having the mentors around for a helping hand.


Makerclub partnered with Barclays so the Brighton club is held at their Eagle Lab. They take place every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 17:30-19:30 and Saturday slots from 09:30-15:30. MakerClub are looking for volunteers to give a helping hand to the young aspiring inventors, there’s no need to be tech obsessed, all volunteers are welcome so get in touch if you would like to help the future tech superstars ⭐️ you could see a couple of Ocastars there too!

BrightSparks is nominated for the Tech4Good Awards 2017, find out more about BrightSparks in the video below and if you like what they do – Vote for MakerClub BrightSparks!