Sum’more’ hours – flexible working at Ocasta ☀️

I think we all agree that with spring here and summer just around the corner, we all want to make the most of the brighter evenings, with the office just minutes away from the seafront we’d be silly not to.

jobs with flexible hours

David’s lovely walk home

At Ocasta we understand that there is more to life than work, which is why we encourage flexible hours. We are more productive because we’re choosing when we want to work, and ultimately we’re all happier because it fits in with our lifestyle.

jobs with flexible hours

Sean our designer and David developer  (who can be seen above, David slightly less so) make the most of their weekends travelling around to see friends and family. David travels to Portsmouth frequently to see his girlfriend, leaving at 1pm on a Friday means he can spend that time scooting along the coast – making the most of the time he spends when he is there.

It works in favour of both early birds and night owls, our newest Project Manager Megan is an early riser, she likes to get into the office sooner so that she has more of her evenings free to go running or practise her silver making skills.

jobs with flexible hours

Ben loves a bit drone flying in the evenings

Sam our web developer enjoys swimming in the week but can’t bare the after work crowds when mastering his front crawl. He likes to leave early to miss the 6pm rush at the pool. He also likes leaving at 1pm on a Friday because it means he can get all of his errands out of the way, leaving him time to relax at the weekend. Father-daughter time is most important to Android developer Jason, who likes to leave earlier so he can see his daughter before she gets off to sleep during the week.

Flexible hours works the same for everyone, but it always means something different.