Five minutes with Viktoria

Employee experience

Five minutes with Viktoria our Project Manager introduced us to a Swedish delicacy ‘salt liquorice’, the best of the best in children’s literature and why she wouldn’t mind the life of a cat 🐈

My guilty pleasure is: Sneakily eating chocolate from the cupboard when the kids can’t see, my favourite is dark chocolate 🍫

My favourite dessert is: Anything with chocolate and raspberries is always delicious. But there was a dessert I had when celebrating my graduation from University in Uppsala. It was about 15 years ago and I still remember it now, it was a rhubarb soup with bits of strawberries 🍓 and cinnamon ice cream – it was the best!

If you could be an animal for a week what would it be and why? I think I would like to live as a cat even though I don’t like them. They’re very agile and they just rock up and get their tummy scratched then leave when they want, it seems like a very relaxing life. But cats do scare me when they look at you so fiercely and we’ve always had dogs they’re the opposite to dogs.

Where is the most unusual place you’ve been on holiday and why? Well me and my husband went on a round the world trip, Japan was different but not that unusual. I think it would be when we went to this small town in Laos which no one goes to, it was to visit the Plain of Jars. The electricity turned off at ten at night and you had to take a really scary plane ride there, the air hostess would give you drinks before you boarded the plane but she wouldn’t board herself.

The one thing I miss most about Sweden is: The winter there, because it is proper winter with snow ⛄️ and salt liquorice – you can’t buy it here but it’s in a different league to plain liquorice.

If you won the lottery what would you do? I would pay off all my debts, buy my house and go on a really nice holiday to the Caribbean Islands, Thailand, Canada or Japan. Then I’d go on a road trip to America along the coast and to Yellowstone National Park 🚕

How did you get into Project Management? I started off as a programmer, but I soon knew that I preferred to do Project Management. I like Scrum and Agile because I enjoy that way of thinking, I’m more of an overview kind of person and enjoy looking at the bigger picture.

The best thing about working at Ocasta is: This place has a great mix of clever, funny, and dedicated people who produce great work in a relaxed environment. Being used to working in flat organisations in Sweden where management see their employees as their biggest asset and have a lot of trust and appreciation for them, I was very relieved to find a very similar approach to work here at Ocasta.

What is your strongest personal quality? I think I am quite generous with my time, I like helping other people and making sure that they’re ok which I suppose goes hand in hand with why I like Project Management.

Is there anything which you are weirdly fascinated by? I’ve always loved children’s literature. When I was at university I would read reviews of children’s books 📚 I built up a list so when I had kids I knew which ones I wanted them to read. I detest ones with rubbish storylines and pictures with no thought gone in to them – they must be good quality. One of my favourites is I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen.

A food I couldn’t live without is: Filmjölk, when I lived in Sweden I could have it three times a day. It’s like a runny yoghurt you have with cereal instead of milk. You can’t get it here but they do it at Ocado so if I do a shop there then I buy it.

What is a skill you would like to learn and why? I can play the piano a bit but I would like to learn it properly 🎹 at the moment I can play a few Christmas songs.