Ocasta have been working with artists’ Elise Liversedge and Mary Hooper to create the emotion-tracking app: Locate.

Have you ever wondered what your world of emotions looks like? Well, now you don’t have to imagine. Locate was designed for artistic and therapeutic purposes, it is an app that collects your emotions over time along with the location of where the emotion was felt. This enables users to see how different environments and places affect how we live our life. Over the period of time a visual emotion chart is generated using this information. It uses a coloured emotion wheel to capture the varying emotion types and their intensity. By giving this information a visual representation on a chart it helps the user identify and therefore understand their emotions better, enabling them to see where they are most happy 😊 and places which don’t bring them so much joy 😔


The app was designed as an experiment by ‘Elise&Mary‘ to create awareness of our surroundings, to see what provides positive and negative emotions, to influence designers, architects, developers and planners. Locate is funded by the Arts Council as part of their touring artwork ‘Last Station, located&dislocated.’ The launch of the app coincides with the exhibition at The Atkinson Gallery in Southport. The exhibition brings together four years of research and artworks that take how we form connections to places as Elise and Mary’s inspiration. The themes of location & dislocation, layered together with the maritime history of the located Lightships and their dislocated crews, stationed around our coast from 1734 to 1989.

You can share your chart and gallery on social media using the hashtag #LocateEmotion, or you can keep it private. Download it now for free on the Play Store and locate your emotions.