We’re Jisc’s UX governance experts to help share data between UK universities

Who are Jisc? Jisc provide digital advice and solutions to the UK education sector, making sure they are up to date within the technological world. For Jisc’s new Data Shared Service Project they are teaming up with 13 top Russell Group universities and eight technical suppliers – all working collaboratively.

The project will enable exciting new research and innovation by promoting sharing. So how did it all come about? Jisc realised that the shared service used by UK universities is fragmented, making it difficult for research data to be easily accessible between them all. The project will fix this so that they can all effortlessly access research data and share it – whether new or old.

But this is a big task requiring many different types of expertise and skills from multiple different vendors. Jisc chose Ocasta to give UX governance expertise; it is down to us to give the rules and regulations for the user experience and make sure these are adhered to. Due to the volume of the data across so many organisations we’ll be running the project over the next two years. The result will be a seamless shared service with an unbeatable user experience. Find out more on UKSG’s case study; establishing a shared research data service for UK universities.

We get the ‘Jisc’ of it 👌